Vera Rogiers, Belgium

General information
- Born 10/2/1952, married with Luc Claes+,1 child Leen,
- Pharmacist (University of Ghent, 1974)
- Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 1980)
- Master in Applied Toxicology (University of Guilford (UK)), 1997-2000
- European registered toxicologist (Belgian register of toxicology) since 2010.

Professional track record
Vera Rogiers is Chair of the Pharmaceutical Institute and Head of the Department of ‘In Vitro Toxicology and Dermato-Cosmetology’ in the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacyat the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She is full-time professor of toxicology and organizes on
a regulatory basis international courses on Risk Assessment in the EU. Her main research activity is situated in in vitro experimental toxicology, in the development of in vitro models for pharmaco-toxicological purposes as an alternative to the use of experimental
animals in biotransformation and toxicity studies of chemical entities. Actual focus is, in particular, on the differentiation of human stem cells, derived from skin, to help functional hepatic cells and to apply this in vitro model for the detection of drug induced
liver injury. Furthermore, the use of these cells are also being investigated for translational application in monogenetic disease.

She has been promoter of 24 doctoral theses and is involved in another 7 running ones. She is author/co-author of >300
publications in international peer-reviewed journals and is editor of several scientific books, including 69 book chapters. She has been invited speaker for more than 300 times and actively participated in the organization of more than 75 international congresses.
She has several times been invited as expert in risk assessment of cosmetics all over the world. She has obtained a number of international scientific awards, in particular for her pioneering role in in vitro experimental toxicology and is reviewer of several
international scientific journals in toxicology, pharmacology and dermatology.

Recently, she obtained in Germany the “33e Forschungpreise zur Förderung methodischer Arbeiten mit dem Ziel der Einschränkung und des Ersatzes von Tierversuchen”, award from the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Also the BEM (Björn Ekwall Memorial Lecture 2016) award was received in Scandinavia.

At the EU level, she has been for several years co-chair of the SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety), from April 2013 till April 2016 she was invited expert.

Since April 2016 she has been re-elected. For several years she was member of ESAC (Scientific Advisory Committee of EURL-ECVAM, the European Reference Laboratory ECVAM for the Validation of Alternative Methods).
She is co-founder of ecopa (European Consensus Platform on 3R-Alternatives), bringing together Academia, Industry, Animal welfare and Governmental Institute and was chair for 10 years. She has coordinated 2 EU research projects (CONAM, Start-Up) and was
research partner in several FP6 and FP7 EU projects concerned with in vitro toxicology and methodology (Predictomics, Liintop, Esnats, CarcinoGenomics, HemiBio,DETECTIVE).

Besides involvement in several FWO and IWT projects at national level, she is actually also coordinating interuniversity research projects concerned with stem cell technology, including Hepro2 (IUAP project) and Brustem2 (Innoviris project), and 2 genotoxicity
projects in collaboration with WIV (Wetenschappelijk Instituut Volksgezondheid). Of the obtained scientific results, several patents have been filed.