Doram Elkayam, Belgium

My professional career encompasses 20 years of professional experience focusing on leadership and higher management. This career includes military service as a commanding officer, Managing Director in the security sector (physical and information security) and EU regulatory affairs with a special expertise on medical devices and Cosmetics.

As Obelis Chief Operations Officer for almost a decade, I have gained a substantial and in-depth legal and regulatory knowledge in EU affairs allowing me to provide guidance, support and advice to Obelis' clientele from over 60 countries around the world.

The broad view of the organization which I have gained throughout my career has been pivotal in my successful supervision of the following Obelis Departments: Marketing & Sales, Administration & Accounting, IT & Communications, Legal & Recruitment.

Lecturing at different events and providing educational seminars is almost a daily activity under my role at Obelis – providing tailored solutions to the today needs of economical operators, wishing to penetrate the European Market.